Tuesday, 31 January 2023

4 Events in Booze 'n' Dance

Chatzigianni Mexi 6, 11528
Every Sunday Roha's Club opens its doors and welcomes you for a very danceable night with the best music and fantastic cocktails. The MIΞER team is here to have a great time from early in the morning until the early morning.
Sunday 05.02.2023, 21:30
Praxitelous 30, 10561
Are you ready for "The Clumsies" weekend? Enjoy the vibes of the downtown Athens with great company and our stunning cocktails and delightful bites!
Saturday 04.02.2023, 20:00
Sunday 05.02.2023, 20:00
Thiseos 16, 10562
Set the party mode to "ON". Whether during the week or on the weekends. In Thiseos Street 16 (inside an arcade), not far from the shopping street Ermou (near Syntama Square) meet every evening sociable, cool people, drinking fancy drinks and dance to hip music. "Drunk Sinatra Bar" is really known to EVERY Athenian!
Tuesday 31.01.2023, 22:00
Skoufa 47-49, 10672
Passepartout Bar - in the glamorous Kolonaki - always manages to delight the party crowd. The DJ's play a wide variety of music and Greek music is not missing. So don't be surprised if there's dancing on the tables late at night.
Friday 03.02.2023, 22:30
Saturday 04.02.2023, 22:30

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