Sunday, 04 December 2022

2 Events in Greek Music Clubbing

Triptolemou 50, 17563
The iconic Greek clubbing party series at "Ola Ellinika" in Gazi. At this awesome club on Triptolemou Street every Saturday is "Everything is allowed". Here fashionable people meet and party until the early hours of the next day.
Saturday 10.12.2022, 23:00
Iera Odos 30-32, 10435
This exclusive Athens mega-club is one of 2 venues in Greece (the other is in Mykonos) owned by Hollywood personality Lindsay Lohan. Enjoy a gamorous show with International and Greek Pop hits. Athens Clubbing ala Lohan!
Friday 09.12.2022, 22:00
Saturday 10.12.2022, 22:00

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