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20 Listings in Archaeological Museums

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Leof. Vassilisis Sofias 22, Riggilis, Athens, Attica, Greece 10675
The Byzantine and Christian Museum was founded in 1914 on the premises of the Academy of Athens and was transferred to Villa Ilissia in 1930. It is an outstanding national museum and one of the most important in the world of the Byzantine ...more
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Deplhi, Delphi, Central Greece 33054
In Delphi, where in ancient times the famous oracle in honor of the god Apollo dominated, today is located the homonymous archeological museum that aims to present to the world all the archaeological finds that come from the oldest archeological site ...more
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Tositsa 1, Exarcheia, Athens, Attica, Greece 10682
The Epigraphical Museum, founded in 1885, is comprised of a compelling collection of over 13.500 inscriptions from the region of Attica and other parts of the country, especially South Greece. ...more
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Archaeological Site of Vravrona, Markopoulo, Attica, Greece 19003
Constructed in 1956 in the area of Markopoulo to house artifacts derived from excavations at the sanctuary of Artemis in Vravrona, this small museum is found less than one kilometer away from the Vravrona archaeological site. This was considered one of the most important places of worship in all Attica. ...more
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Ermou 148, Gazi - Kerameikos, Athens, Attica, Greece 10553
The discoveries from the excavations of the archaeological site of Kerameikos are on display at its official museum. It was created in 1937 with a donation of Gustav Oberlaender and expanded in the 1960's with the support of the Boehringer brothers. ...more
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Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, Acropolis, Athens, Attica, Greece 11742
The building of the Acropolis Museum had been a decades old dream that became a reality in 2009. In particular, the first discussions for building a museum for the Acropolis on the rock had began after the creation of the Greek Nation. ...more
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Panepistimiou 12, Syntagma, Athens, Attica, Greece 10671
The Numismatic Museum was established in 1834 and is one of the oldest museums in Greece. It holds over 500,000 acquisitions – mostly coins as well as medals and gems – dated from the 14th Century until today. ...more
Koumpari 1 & Leof. Vasilissis Sofias, Kolonaki, Athens, Attica, Greece 10674
The Benaki Museum was the first private Museum in Greece. It was donated to the Greek state directly following the death of the distinguished Mr. Emmanuel Benakis in 1930, by his son, Antonis Benakis. ...more
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Charilaou Trikoupi 31, Piraeus (Center / Port), Piraeus, Attica, Greece 18536
Founded in 1935, the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus moved from the Municipal Library in 1985 to the archaeological site of the Hellenistic theater of Zea. The mission of the museum is to host the antiquities which resulted from the excavations in ...more
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Korizi, Poros Island, Attica, Greece 18020
Founded 1958, the Archaeological Museum of Poros resides at Korizi Square. It was conceived by a pioneering enthusiast of archaeology, Christos Fourniades, to conserve the ancient findings of Trizinia. ...more
Patriarchou Grigoriou E 1, Aegina Island, Attica, Greece 18010
The Archaeological Museum of Aegina was founded in 1828 by Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of independent Greece. In 3 rooms the museum shows vessels, ceramics, pottery and statues of ancient Aegina. ...more
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Leof. Plateon, Marathonas, Attica, Greece 19007
The Marathon Museum was founded in 1975 and lies dominant in an idyllic location within close distance to the renown tumulus of Marathon. The museum's exhibits cover the ages of the Prehistoric to the late Roman eras. ...more