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The combination of "Japanese-Korean" is the epitomy of this restaurant. They serve very decent sushi and other Japanese dishes like Ton Katsu (pork cutlet). Moreover, this is basically the only Korean joint in town and they do it right! Our favorite ...more
Voulis 33, Syntagma, Athens, Attica, Greece 10557
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The vision of this Chinese restaurant & sushi bar is to create a unique space where every customer can feel the distinctive tones of Asian hospitality. Here, the purest and strictest ingredients are used to create characteristic Asian dishes, from ...more
Char. Trikoupi 18, Peristeri, Attica, Greece 12133
Kiku is a synonym for the lovers of the authentic Japanese cuisine in Athens, beside the classical sushi and the sasimi, try the chicken teryaki, always accompanied by sake. ...more
Dimokritou 12, Kolonaki, Athens, Attica, Greece 10673