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Panagia Gorgoepikoos (or Agios Eleftherios) is a cruciform church with a dome that it is also called "Mikri Mitropoli" (Small Mitropolis), very accurately when one compares its dimensions to Metropolitan Church next to it. ...more
Platia Mitropoleos 8, Monastiraki, Athens, Attica, Greece 10556
The first formation of the church "Estavromenos" of Aigaleo was constructed in 1934 and it was a rough building that looked like a parapet. The next year, a simple basilica was rebuilt with bricks at the same point. ...more
Nik. Plastira 2, Aigaleo, Attica, Greece 12242
At the top of Lycabettus Hill is the Church of Agios Georgios (Saint George). It is a remarkable whitewashed chapel that dates back to around the 1800s. It is built on the same spot that the Temple of Zeus was in ancient times. ...more
Lycabettus Hill, Lykavittos, Athens, Attica, Greece 11471
The impressive Church of Agia Marina is located in the area of Thissio on the Hill of the Nymphs and beside the Observatory of Athens. In the courtyard exists a cavernous temple that is dated from the 12th Century. ...more
Agias Marinas 1, Thissio, Athens, Attica, Greece 11851
The church is dedicated to Saint Dimitrios and took the name "Loubardiaris" because around 1650, a thunder bolt hit the Turkish garrison commander, Yusuf Aga, who had installed a loubarda (big canon) at the Acropolis Propylaia because he was planning ...more
Dionysiou Areopagitou & Apostolou Pavlou, Acropolis, Athens, Attica, Greece
This Byzantine church was built in the 11th Century A.D. by the grandson of Emperor Michael I Rangabe, Paul Xiropotamino. It has embodied in its walls marble pillars and parts of ancient edifice. ...more
Prytaneiou & Epicharmou, Plaka, Athens, Attica, Greece 10558
The story of the Agios Konstantinos and Eleni Church in Glyfada dates from the distant past of the 1930s when the area was covered in pine trees, a small stone chapel and a large temple opposite it, both dedicated to the memory of Saints (Agios) ...more
Leoforos Posidonos & Saki Karagiorga, Glyfada, Attica, Greece 16675
The original Church of the Holy Trinity (Triada) of Piraeus was founded in 1839 by the first Mayor of Piraeus, Kyriakos Serphiotis, on a plot of land belonging to Agios Spyridon. Completion was done on the Town Hall of Petros Homeridos in 1841-1845. ...more
Ethnikis Antistaseos & Leof. Vasileos Georgiou A' 2, Piraeus (Center / Port), Piraeus, Attica, Greece 18532
The Russian orthodox church on Filellinon Street is dedicated to the Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) and it used to be sometime ago the largest church in the city. It is cruciform with a big dome of 10 meters in diameter. It was built during the ...more
Filellinon 21, Syntagma, Athens, Attica, Greece 10557
Under the new modern hotel building (Electra Metropolis Hotel) is an old small church wedged between two columns. This is the church of ''Agia Dynami'' – the Holy Power of the Virgin. Do not pass it by, for it is an oasis of simplicity that has ...more
Mitropoleos & Pentelis, Plaka, Athens, Attica, Greece 10557
The Metropolitan Cathedral (or Mitropolis) is the largest and most important greek orthodox church in Athens. Seventy-two older churches were demolished for the construction of this church. The church, with the dimensions of 40 m long, 20 m wide and ...more
Platia Mitropoleos, Monastiraki, Athens, Attica, Greece 10556
Agia Irini is a beautiful church on Aiolou Street, next to the Agia Irinis Square. The church is well known for its devout atmosphere during the laudations of the Christmas holidays. ...more
Aiolou & Athinaidos, Platia Karitsi, Athens, Attica, Greece