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The Areopagus Hill is the "Rock of Ares", located north-west of the Acropolis Hill. This hill is where court took session in the ancient times for the trial of murders. Enjoy the breathtaking view. ...more
Areopagus Hill, Acropolis, Athens, Attica, Greece 10555
In 1842, while Theophilus Hansen was building the Observatory funded by the national benefactor Georgios Sinas on the top of this hill, where dedications were discovered chiseled in the stones of the garden, thus giving its name to the area. ...more
Observatory of Athens, Thissio, Athens, Attica, Greece 11851
The Tourkovounia are a small mountain-range in the Attica basin, northeast of Lycabettus, which is the highest point of the city. According to one version, their name derived from the camping of the Turkish soldiers, for a long period, during the ...more
Tourkovounia, Galatsi, Attica, Greece
Strefi Hill is a small hill included in the City quarters of Exarcheia and of Neapoli - directly opposite of Lycabettus Hill. Since the 1840's until the 1920's, the hill was utilized as a quarry, and in 1926, it was planted for the first time ...more
Emm. Mpenaki 134, Exarcheia, Athens, Attica, Greece 11473
The Sacred Rock of Acropolis was chosen in the 5th BC century by Pericles because of a prophecy by the Delphi oracle as the ideal place for the materialization of the first part of a program for the economic development of the city. ...more
Acropolis Hill, Acropolis, Athens, Attica, Greece
The Phillopappou Hill which is located across from Acropolis took its name from the Syrian philhellene consul Gaius Julius Antiochus Epiphanes Phillopappos, who was exiled in Athens between 75-76 and 87-88 A.D. ...more
Hill of Muses, Acropolis, Athens, Attica, Greece 11741
The archaeological area of Pnyx, located on Hill of Pnyx was the place of assembly of the city council. The famous speeches by Themistocles, Pericles and other important orators and politicians were delivered in this place. Initially the audience was ...more
Pnyx Hill, Thissio, Athens, Attica, Greece 11741
Lycabettus is a cone-shaped hill almost in the center of Athens. It is also called “Agios Giorgis” because of the church that is built on its top since the 19th Century, replacing the older Byzantine church of Prophet Elias. ...more
Lycabettus Hill, Kolonaki, Athens, Attica, Greece 11471