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Trekking and hiking guided tours with varying levels of difficulty and duration suitable for everyone. All tours can be combined with cultural visits to archaeological sites, stays in authentic mountain villages, fitness, and wellness. ...more
The Athenian Alpine Club (AOS) is involved in all mountain activities including hiking and trekking with suggestions and routes for every level. Membership with annual fee or guest fee. ...more
Pl. Agion Theodoron 3, Emporiko Trigono (Commercial Triangle), Athens, Attica, Greece 10561
Established in 1995 EOS contributes to the maintenance of the trails and the preservation of the mountain of Ymmitos and at the same time provides mountain excursions with many activities full of action and adventure. ...more
Ypsilantou 7, Ilioupoli, Attica, Greece 16341
Basecamp rock climbing school takes place in the mountains of Athens, the boulders of Meteora in Central Greece and the island of Kalymnos. Established in 2001 by the EOOA, instructor, and leader of the Greek team Mount Everest conquest Panagiotis ...more
The mountaineering club of Athens covers all aspects of mountain activity such as trekking, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. Beginner and intermediate climbing training take place twice a year - in spring during the months of April and May, and in ...more
Lekka 23-25 (1st floor), Emporiko Trigono (Commercial Triangle), Athens, Attica, Greece 10562
Athens Extreme Sports is a team of young professionals, a network of sports instructors and sports experts based in Athens, Greece. The portfolio is large: Outdoor activities, adventure trips, water activities, air activities and motor sports. ...more
The Hiking Club of Athens organizes mountain expeditions which include a large number of activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, mountain skiing, mountain cycling and more. The club operates with annual memberships or guest memberships. ...more
Zaimi 45, Exarcheia, Athens, Attica, Greece 10682