Adrianou Street

Adrianou Street

Adrianou street starts at Thissio through Monastiraki and continues into Plaka. It divides the area to upper (pano) and lower (kato) Plaka and continues to the famous area of Anafiotika.

Getting off at the Monastiraki Metro Station, you will turn right and again right on the first small street toward Adrianou Street, leading you to the archaeological Ancient Agora. Entering, we find the Stoa of Attalos and, across this, the Acropolis.

Adrianou itself, is a magical street, with mainly momento-based shops on either side. Wooden mortars, every kind of souvenir, crosses, handwoven bags, leather backpacks, sandals, t-shirts, pants, hippy shirts, light fabrics, bandanas, pareos and street vendors who sell dollies and knitted blankets, create this tourist market.

A little further down, there are stores with beads and hanging chains. Accessories are a major part of the Grecian shopping! The leather backpacks and the cross bags are, as the shop owners told us, some of the top searches for the visitors from other countries.

The tourists also love belts and useful accessories such as cases for glasses, wallets, tobacco cases, sunglasses, and jewelry. Also, several buy religious icons, armors, statues, sculptures, ouzo in Karyatis bottles, pottery, backgammon games, slippers, dolls, etc. Many, however, buy handmade products from nature such as olive oil, honey, wine, herbs, soaps from olive oil, and other Greek delights.

In addition to the purely touristic shops, there are stores with handmade jewelry, clothes, and accessories by small Greek designers. Notably, these talented artists use fashion as a means of expressing their feelings from which they derive inspiration.