Adventure Park (Malakassa)

Adventure Park (Malakassa)

Motion, speed, balance and laughter. Just outside of Athens, into the trees of Malakassa, the Adventure Park delivers hours of action and entertainment for everybody who have the opportunity to leave the city's wall for a day.

The Adventure Park is a space of recreation in the forest that organizes independent activities that relate with nature itself. Visitors choose to fly from tree to tree, at a height of 15 meters, along with higher safety professional equipment. The venue is accessible to everybody: children and adults, daring and non daring, since there are various levels of difficulty for every game.

Besides the special equipment, everybody is supervised by trained staff, while having to go through a compulsory training just before the easiest route. You don't have to be fit, specialized in climbing or an extreme sports aficionado, since the routes are for everybody.

The Adventure Park is an activity that has met worldwide success. It responds to a lifestyle of intense entertainment and a tendency towards nature.


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Adventure Park (Malakassa)

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