Aeschylia Festival (Elefsina)

Aeschylia Festival (Elefsina)

For over the past 40 years the city of Elefsina annually celebrates culture and art by hosting the summer-long world-renowned Aeschylia Festival. This the longest-lived arts event in the Attica Region.

Organized by the Municipality of Elefsina, every year, the Aeschylia Festival features a rich program as it aims at placing culture in the center of the city. This is the goal while at the same time creating a cultural liaison with Europe. Especially at a time when Elefsina has claimed the title of "European Capital of Culture for 2023" (ECOC ).

The Aeschylia Festival, which has been setting out the cultural strategy of the city since 1974, has played an important role in this distinction. Its successful course during all these years has become the foundation for the transition of Elefsina from an industrial city to a cultural destination and, by means of the ECOC title, it strives to create an attractive environment for young people with know-how and innovative ideas, in order for them to develop their activities.

Notably, visit the Elaiourgio (a former soap factory), next to the city of Elefsinas' main archaeological site, where the Elefsinian mysteries used to take place in antiquity. In this incomparable environment, the festival hosts each year several spectacles as well as art exhibitions.

Presently, the agenda of the festival includes more than 65 events such as theatrical plays, dance/theater, and dance productions, concerts, performance art events, film screenings, visual art exhibitions, a half marathon race, a lecture, an international conference, and a global summit.

Furthermore, the program of the Aeschylia Festival also includes theatrical productions and various concerts for children. Lastly, a special event traditionally takes place at the archaeological site of Elefsina on the night of the August full moon.

Throughout the summer season months into the fall.

The of the purchase of presale tickets will be announced on the website

Various locations in the city of Elefsina.


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Aeschylia Festival (Elefsina)

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