Agia Dynami Church

Agia Dynami Church

Below the building that houses the Electra Metropolis Hotel (in the past the Hellenic Ministry of Education & Religion) there is a small church wedged between 2 columns.

This is the chapel of ''Agia Dynami'' – the Holy Power of the Virgin. Do not pass it by, for it is an oasis of simplicity that is worthy of your time.

The church is dedicated to the birth of Virgin Mary. Agia Dynami was believed to be the protector of women in labor. It was apparently built back in the 15th Century although it took its shape we see today in 1912. There used to be an ancient temple at the same spot dedicated to Hercules.

It seems that the sanctuary could not be demolished and the ministerial authorities had to respect this fact. Many believe that the government could, at least, divide a bit more the pillars and set it "free". Agia Dynami is one of the most interesting small churches to observe in the city center as it seems to be trying to escape under 3 columns of the big building.

Although tiny, Agia Dynami is very popular and always bustling with local people that go there to light a candle, especially in the mornings on their way to work.