Agion Asomaton Square

Agion Asomaton Square

Agion Asomaton Square is a petite square which has a church with the same name on it and is also found on Ermou Street at the height of Agion Asomaton, just a few meters from the Thissio Metro Station.

It has been assigned to the area of Psiri but directly across the street from it is Apostolou Pavlou Street that leads to Thissio and Acropolis.

Weekly Bazaar at Square: The big bazaar that begins on Agion Asomaton Square and continues down the paved section of Ermou Street, has become one of the City's most well known weekly events. Vendors sell anything from antique furniture to bric-a-brac, articles of clothing to vintage music, and any kind of other goods from the break of dawn on Sunday until mid-afternoon.


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