Agistri Island

Agistri Island

Αgistri is an amazingly beautiful island, just 1 hour from Athens. This astonishing island of the Argosaronikos, a blue heaven island, is ideal for relaxation and pleasure. The verdant landscape of astonishing beauty, natural environment and crystal clear waters of Agistri Island will definitely impress you.

Agistri, initially, was called Kekrifalia, which means "adorned head", and was renamed "Agistri", because the indescribable beauty of the island charmed passengers to relocate there. The island was part of Eakos Kingdom, King of Aegina.

Agistri is a fantastic place to wander around and admire its beauties. One can visit Agistri by Ferry Boat from the port of Piraeus daily (journey time 2 hours), or flying dolphins (journey time 55 minutes) or via Aegina, by Agistri Express or by water taxi.


You may visit "Megalochori" or otherwise "Mylos", the capital and largest settlement on the island, "Skala", on the northeastern coast of the island, port of Agistri and tourist resort - many hotels are located there -, "Kadoudi" the old village, "Metochi", a traditional village with panoramic view, "Limni", or otherwise "Lekani", full of pines - and Limenaria.


Agistri Island
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