Alexandras Avenue

Alexandras Avenue

Alexandras Avenue is a straight avenue that serves as a link between the districts of Exarcheia, Neapoli, Gyzi and Ampelokipoi. It's an important but often busy artery of Athens city center.

Alexandras Avenue starts from Patision Street (28th October Street) at Pedion tou Areos Park and ends in Ampelokipoi - the junction of Kifisias Avenue and Vasilissis Sofias Avenue.

It goes noticeably uphill. It has - as we go up - on the left the Gyzi area, the Supreme Court of Greece and the Headquarters of the Security Police of Athens.

On its right the northern side of Lycabettus Hill and the old Panathinaikos Stadium «Apostolos Nikolaidis» - which is slotted to be moved out of the center and turned into a green area within the next few years.

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