Alsos Pagratiou

Alsos Pagratiou

Pangrati Grove (Alsos) is an oasis of relaxation and culture that deserves to be further developed. It sprouted with the planting of a large tree in 1908 by the Philosophical Union under the care of Queen Sofia.

Alsos Pagratiou spans a total of ​​30 acres, which was granted by the Petraki Monastery. Prior to the German occupation of Alsos Pagratiou, there stood a zoo that was later destroyed by the Nazis. During the Occupation, the grove, as well as other parks in Athens, was threatened with total destruction as the Athenians scoured them for heating timber.

During the 1950s, it housed a summer cinema and a musical garden studio - serving as the entertainment center of its residents and not only. This was where well-known artists of the time appeared. At its peak during the 1970s, it was home to the famous "Free Theater'.  Also, within the closed large hall between the cinema and the theater, one of the first dance clubs in Athens appeared - where the young rockers of the era performed.

The planning of upgrading and enrichment of the green area and the revival of the old theater (without cutting a tree), has been embraced by the entire Greek Theater community. For this reason, an outdoor cinema, a refreshment stand, and hygiene areas are to be created. Also, electric lighting projects, pedestrian walkways, benches, and a playground are on the drawing board, as well as fencing to protect the Park.

Park entrances are located on Eftyxidou Street and at the junction of Eftyxidou and Spyrou Merkouri Streets.