Areopagus Hill

Areopagus Hill

The Areopagus or Areios Pagos is the "Rock of Ares", located north-west of the Acropolis Hill. This hill is where court took session in the ancient times for the trial of murders.

Today, it is nothing more than a wonderful archaeological sight for visitors that give the best background of the Acropolis for especially nice photographs.

Areopagus was name this way, because according to mythology, this is where the god of war Ares was tried for the murder of Poseidonʼs son Alirrothios.

But, according to another version, the name is due to the cave of Erinyes that was located in the north slope of the hill.

The hill is mentioned in Aeschylus tragedy "The Eumenides", because this was the place where Orestes was tried for the murder of his mother. But, Areopagus is well known mostly for the first Christian preaching to the Athenians by Apostle Paul in 51 AD.

Height of Areopagus Hill: 115 m