Art Athina

Art Athina

Art Athina is a contemporary art fair that has been taking place in Greece since 1993. It is an important international event, not only for collectors, curators, museum and agency representatives from Greece and abroad, artists, domestic and foreign journalists, but also the loving art audience, presented in great Hellenic and foreign art galleries.

After first being hosted at the Tae Kwon Do Stadium in Paleo Faliro - it is now housed in the Athens Conservatory and opens its gates during the summer. Art Athina aspires through more than 53 gallery entries to offer numerous interesting sights to its visitors. Within the Conservatory, various thematic units are formed and the following programs are presented: "Main", which is the main exhibition of the showroom; "Highlights", which presents new galleries abroad; "Feature", which is a separate section at a time selected by a predetermined curator;  "Design", with specials on selected designs, videos, projections of various works; "Tributes", tribute to different artists; "Independent Projects", where they present independent art and, "Talks", where speeches by international personalities of art are held.

Note that, as of 2018, the Kopelouzos Family Art Museum and Art Athina will be rewarding with a prize of € 10,000 a Greek artist participating in the event, an educational program for students of the School of Fine Arts by the Ioannis Kostopoulos Foundation in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts, as well as Art Athina Workspace - an art residency of 2 months with the support of the City of Athens and Athens Culture Net. Here, artists from different parts of the world will be staying for 4 weeks in Athens to create projects that will be hosted on the stands of the studios that they represent. Furthermore, open-air studios are operated all year round in the outdoor space of Art Athina - regardless of the days of the main events - where on a Saturday every month artists living in Athens and represented by agents of the event open up their workshops and present their work to young collectors.

Participating in these projects are more than 800 artists from various major art galleries from the 4 continents such as Agathi-kartalos (Athens), Anna Pappas Gallery (Melbourne), Françoise Heitsch (Munich), Emalin (London), Modern Shapes (Antwerp), Sade (Los Angeles), Soft Opening (London), Stems Gallery (Brussels), The Hole (New York), and many others.

Art Athina is an event aiming at bringing together artists from all over the world, uniting cultures, expanding collaborations between countries, helping to exchange views, and offering to the passionate art audience relaxation and emotional enjoyment. Let us not forget that art is the part of civilization that unites the peoples, destroys boundaries, and treats all humans equally as a whole body that stretches beyond social stereotypes.

Art Athina is usually held in late June with an average duration of 3 days.

Usually, the entrance to the festival cost € 8 for general admission and € 5  for reduced entry.

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