Athenaeum Conservatory

Athenaeum Conservatory

The Athenaeum Conservatory (or Athenaeum Odeon) in Thissio is a not-for-profit association dedicated to preserving the memory and distinction of the renowned Hellenic Diva Maria Callas.

The beautiful Neo-Classical style building was established in 1974 by a society of artists, scholars as well as public personalities who shared in common the purpose of reviving Greek musical education in conjunction with the cultural life of the country.

To realize this goal, the Athenaeum has collaborated with numerous cultural counterparts abroad, sending out invitations as well as interchanging young artists, giving international master classes, concerts, and more, therefore encouraging the intercultural associations of Greece with musically advanced countries.

Additionally to memberships and donations, the Odeon makes its grounds accessible for use for presentations, conferences, exhibitions, receptions, etc., in order to keep itself independently sustained.  Although, through the production of a variety of yearly live events, is how the Athenaeum is most well-known.

The galleries available for such performances or events are “Kelari” (def. "cellar") and the "Louly Psichouli" Concert Hall of the Athenaeum Odeon. On the garden rooftop is their Music Stage, Kelari. It is also the members' and friends' Club. The venue can accommodate 60 to 80 people seated and is suitable for small receptions and seated banquets. The Louly Psichouli hall is where concerts and recitals are performed primarily for promoting and presenting to the Greek audience young musicians in addition to well-known artists. It has a capacity of 120 persons, seated in theater alignment, and 200 - 220 persons standing. For bigger events, both the Concert Hall and Kelari can be joined together with other communicating areas of the building, thus making it feasible to accommodate generally up to 400 persons.



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Athenaeum Conservatory


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