Athens August Moon Festival

Athens August Moon Festival

The full moon of August is one of the most impressive moons from all year round in Greece. Therefore, on this night, when the Athenians believe that the moon is at its brightest and most beautiful "manifestation", the August Moon Festival begins.

On the occasion of August's full moon, the Ministry of Culture organizes events in over 140 archaeological sites, monuments and archaeological museums throughout Greece. That's why every year the ministry allows free entry to these areas, and they plan a series of events.

From Evros to Crete and from Rhodes to Corfu, festival attendees will be able to visit archaeological sites, monuments and museums under the glow of the August full moon against the dark night sky, and participate in musical and theatrical performances, tours, exhibitions, and film screenings. Visitors will be given the chance to enjoy a series of free artistic events, such as open-air concerts, and tours under the most romantic glow of the year.


An interesting fact is that, for the first time in 4 years, the archaeological site of Cape Sounio, opened to the public until midnight. It is also notable that, last year over 80,000 visitors participated in the 90 events that took place in 120 Greek archaeological sites, museums and monuments.

However, participants of the festival should be aware of the fact that the archaeological sites of the Acropolis and Poseidon Temple (Sounio) sometimes do not remain open after 20:00 for safety reasons, due to works that take place from time to time. If this is the case, in Sounion at least, visitors will be able to admire Poseidon's Temple from the neighboring height.

Moreover, there is generally free access to Philopappou Hill in Athens, where Athens Municipality Philharmonic Orchestra holds concerts. Visits to the archaeological site at Amphiarion are usually accompanied as well by recordings of orchestral music, and notable Greek singers perform at the archaeological site in Elefsina.

Among other festivities, a night of music with Greek musicians usually takes place in the garden of the Numismatic Museum of Athens, sponsored by the Museum Catering Company S.A.

Finally, at the end of the festival, the current Minister of Culture publicly congratulates the archaeologists, museum curators, the guards of the sites as well as the museums for organizing and coordinating these events.

* (Normally, during the festival, the archaeological sites remain open to the public with free admission all day until 12:00 midnight.)


The August Moon Festival takes place during the full moon phase in August.

Various places in Athens, mainly Museums.


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