Athens Beer Festival

Athens Beer Festival

The Athens Beer Festival was launched in 2001 at the Alsos Kifissias, where it was hosted until 2002. That period was decisive for it becoming an annual event, attracting fermenting fanatics into a world where beer stars in all its genres.

In 2003, the festival took place at Allou! Fun Park in Renti, while from 2004 until 2013, it was housed at Neo Faliro's Peace & Friendship Stadium (S.E.F.) in a huge space - where you could taste and buy beers of your choice that could only be found abroad. In 2014-2015 the festival remained in the S.E.F. but was transferred to the courtyard area. After 12 consecutive years of great success, in 2016 the Beer Fest moved to Gazi in the Paleo Amaksostasio of O.S.Y. (trainyard), where it continued in 2017.

At this fair, enthusiasts can not only find beers derived from many foreign and Greek famous labels, but also from small Greek brewers that are not widely marketed. Here, the ice cold and intoxicating sudsy substance flows abundantly and will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Along with beers, of course, all kinds of food for all palates are served from kiosks such as Greek souvlaki, finger food, pizza, and burger. Keep an eye out for the "special people" circling the area, the beer baristas, who are ready to help you to match the right beer with the food you have chosen, so that your enjoyment will be even more greatly amplified!

Each evening at the festival is special, filled with live music from selected local artists such as Yiannis Zouganelis, Lambis Livieratos, Kostas Tournas, Lakis Papadopoulos, Yiannis Milioakas, Christos Dantis, Lavrentis Machheritsas and many more. The Beer Fest also honors foreign artists, such as Paul Di'anno, who was the original vocalist of Iron Maiden and performed in 2014.

Notably, as of 2016, the award for best beers by category was established at the event. Moreover, keep in mind that the festival runs a big competition, which offers two lucky visitors a trip with all the expenses paid for 3 days in Munich, in order to visit the internationally renowned "Octoberfest".

The Athens Beer Fest is usually held in late August to early September with an average duration of 10 days.

Ticket pricing usually starts from 3€ for one day and up to 20€ for all of the days of the festival.

Palio Amaksostasio (Old Depot OSY)


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