Athens Bike Festival

Athens Bike Festival

The Athens Bike Festival was organized for the first time in 2010 by Mbike magazine at the Technopolis of the Athens Municipality. It was created under the context of the European Mobility Week, which aims to inform and motivate citizens to use environmentally friendly means of transportation in urban centers.

Over the past years, the Athens Bike Festival has managed to evolve into a great celebration for bicycle lovers of all ages, both amateurs, and professionals in the field.

At the festival, visitors have the opportunity to get to know all categories of bikes like city, electric, road, MTB, gravel and children's bikes; to do tests on the venue's specially designed fields; to view new models that are coming out of the market soon; to learn everything that bikes have to offer in a more natural way of life; to be informed about accessories and clothing. Moreover, we are invited to take part in interactive or non-interactive events in order to train on biking issues or simply to participate in the whole festive atmosphere. Events such as photographic exhibitions, Learn to ride a bike, Create your own bike, MBike Seminar, Learn cycle (Children 5-10 Years), Old bike exhibition, Virtual Cycling, Workshops for cyclists, Child and bike - Parenting information are only some of the debuts we have encountered in all these years of the festival.

It is worthwhile to note the workshops, the most important of which is the "Diet and Hydration" workshop, where speeches are held by specialists in sports nutrition and the role of hydration. Of course, certificates are provided that can also be used for business purposes. The cost of participation is around €10 and the acquisition of the certificate is given at the end of the entire session.

At the Athens Bike Festival, it is impressive to see so how many people are enthused by cycling, becoming aware of the issues of air pollution, showing interest in seeing and learning how to improve their living conditions and to create a cleaner environment. The beautifully landscaped area of the exhibition with bikes of all kinds is a "catwalk"… a real work of art. It is worth visiting the show, whether you are a bike lover or not, to be informed and why not try some bikes on the specially designed fields.

The Athens Bike Festival is usually held in late September with an average duration of 3 days.

Entrance to the festival is free while some of the workshops have a cash payment.

Where: Technopolis Gazi


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