Athens Book Festival

Athens Book Festival

The Athens Book Festival, which has been taking place in the open-air area of Zappeion for several decades, is a cultural institution of the city.

The book festival is organized by the Book Publishers Association, the UNICEF Greek National Committee and the City of Athens Cultural, Sports & Youth Organization, with the purpose not only to present valuable books but to also raise awareness among the public.

This great celebration is the cornerstone of the effort made every year in September for individuals to come closer to books, to get to know them better, to understand what it means to read in depth and not just to read, to meet people of the same mindset and chat with them. A book can be a good friend, a companion during difficult moments in a person's life, open one's horizons by offering a solution, and remain a timeless value and a staple of our culture.


There are also many and varied events taking place at the festival, such as theatrical and musical shows, novel presentations, as well as tributes to people in the arts and literature. With over 120 kiosks, 150 publishers, and 50,000 books on display, the visitor has the joy and the opportunity to browse literary, social and scientific books, as well as to socialize with people who are interested in them and to exchange views on topical issues.

Moreover, every year in a specially designed space open to the public for the duration of the exhibition, there is a special dedication to the work of a great writer, poet or artist, so that people can admire his or her creations and learn more for their life. Also, literary presentations are being made by new writers who are in the showroom ready to converse with visitors and sign their tomes. Notably, a special part of the festival is the support it receives from the world of politics, as every year it visited by Party leaders, Ministers, Deputies and the President of the Republic.

Of particular interest is the poster - trademark of the festival, adorned by the work of a top Greek painter, while thousands of books, each with its own history and its own aroma, dominate the background. The options are for all tastes and for all sensitivities. It is worthwhile visiting the festival because it is sure to win over not only in satisfaction of being a well-organized exhibition but also the pleasure to get to know another world: the world of the book!

The Athens Book Festival is usually held in early September with an average duration of 20 days.

There is no ticket, entry is free to the public.

Zappeion Mansion


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