Athens Digital Art Festival

Athens Digital Art Festival

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the largest digital art festival in Greece, is an institution that was started in 2005 by Ilias Chatzichristodoulou that completes over a decade of successful history.

Through the years, the event has been held in various venues such as the "Thira Texnis" Multiplex, the "Angelon Vima" Multiplex, the historic center of Athens, the Ermou Gate Building Complex, and the Technopolis Athens, which organized the festival for several years.

The ADAF intends to promote innovative ideas and aims to encourage, sensitize, and familiarize the world with digital technology and the new media has to offer. That's why it had created strong ties of collaboration with both renowned Greek and foreign artists, artistic communities, institutions, museums, educational institutions, and other Digital Art Festivals around the world.

At the festival - which lasts 3 days - over 1,200 Greek and foreign artists participate, while over 11,000 visitors can view works from various categories: digital constructions, video art, video installations, web art, animation & binary imaging as well as participating in innovative workshops on digital art. One can also enjoy concerts by electro pop and garage punk musicians or music by well-known and acclaimed VJ-DJs such as: K. Beta, Anna Mystic, Nesco, Elica, Chroleto, and many others!

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that some of the top international festivals are being shown at the event: Transmediale (Germany), In Video (Italy), Anima (Argentina), Loop (Spain) and 59 Seconds (USA). Nowadays, digital culture has become an integral part of our lives, our thinking, our habits, our behavior, our emotions. We are surrounded by devices and internet sites in which we exist as an extension of our human self. New technological trends in all areas of our work, science, entertainment,  and communication continuously open up new horizons. The Athens Digital Arts Festival offers us the opportunity to get acquainted and deepen in this new world.

The Athens Digital Arts Festival is usually held in late May with an average duration of 3 days.

Usually, the entrance to the festival cost €8 for general admission and €5 for reduced entry, but there is a possibility that entry is free. It depends on the year and the event.

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