Athens Fringe Festival

Athens Fringe Festival

Athens Fringe Festival is part of the Athens Fringe Network, the first open professional network in Greece and has been a major success for 10 years.

The festival is organized by the non-profit civil society "Synthesis", which aims to bring artists, designers and creators to show their work to the public inside and outside of Greece, as well as to cooperate with various institutions managing to establish themselves in their professional space.

The festival takes place in summer between June and July in various parts of Plaka and Monastiraki, as well as on streets, squares and parks of central Athens. It includes performances, art exhibitions, musical events, book and film presentations, seminars, educational programs, workshops and children's shows.

The Athens Fringe Festival is a summer celebration, giving the opportunity and the change for young artists to show their work. It is worth pursuing this effort also in the future because such festivals promote culture.

The Athens Fringe Festival is usually held in middle June with an average duration of 30 days.

Entry is free for all

Various Place in Athens


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