Athens Half Marathon

Athens Half Marathon

The Athens Half Marathon was initially organized by the Association of Hellenic Gymnastics Athletic Societies in 2012 with the collaboration of the City of Athens Cultural, Sports and Youth Organization.

Since 2016, it was established on the 3rd Sunday of every March, in the beginning of Spring, in order to attract not only professional athletes or ordinary citizens, but also tourists who come to Greece and want to experience the participation in a beautiful race in the center of one of the most historic cities in the world, Athens.

The Half Marathon of Athens includes 3 timed races: Semi-Marathon Road (21,100 m), Road Race (5 km), Road Race (3 km); as well as non-timed races for children and athletes with disabilities of 1000m.


The start and end of the competition are at Syntagma Square, in front of the Hellenic Parliament. It provides absolutely safe routes thanks to the assistance of thousands of volunteers from various organizations such as the RSF Hellas Communication &  Rescue Volunteers and the Hellenic Red Cross Samaritan Volunteers, all overseen by the Volunteer Program of the Hellenic Gymnastics Athletic Societies. Participation in contests is a prerequisite for registration, either individually or in groups (at least 10 runners); whereas for a family of +4 people, a family registration is required.

The Half Marathon of Athens has managed to establish itself as a major sporting and tourist event, not only in the narrow context of Greece but also globally. The charm and the history of the city of Athens give thousands of visitors from foreign countries unique experiences that will always be treasured.

The Athens Half Marathon is usually held on the third Sunday of March.

Free access to the race.

Starting Point and Terminal is at Syntagma Square

Official Website: Athens Half Marathon