Athens in Autumn

Athens in Autumn

It's a question rarely asked in other capitals throughout Europe in Autumn: city or sea? Luckily, Athens in the Fall awards us the best of both worlds. Still warm enough to swim alongside the Athenian Riviera, but cool enough to enjoy the city's downtown pleasures and without the mobs.

In early Autumn, the weather in Athens is usually pleasant with high temperatures ranging in the low to mid-20s. This is also when there are better deals for accommodations and flights, and most shops, attractions, and restaurants have fully re-opened.

Following August vacations, most Hellenes revert to their regular routines. Although a good number of Athenians prefer to escape to the Saronic Gulf islands during the more peaceful months of September and October if they can. Moreover, the beaches are still quite doable even in November. If you want to get to know real life in Athens, Autumn is the season to just that. Musical and theatrical performances commence, art galleries open with new collections, and distinctive events make their debuts. 

Though the weather during Autumn can sometimes be hit or miss, open-air life continues to flourish. Having been replenished by the seasonal change of scenery, there's a feeling of renewal in the air as the city waves away its Summer daze - making it a perfect time of year to jump into Athens' urban lifestyle. Explore central neighborhoods on foot; plunge into exciting cultural festivities, or set off on any number of outdoor adventures available just outside of the city. 

Because the Tourism Industry focuses on Greece as a common country for Summer holidays, not everyone recognizes that it is more than just beaches. You could spend a lifetime investigating Athens, but whether that's for a few hours or weeks, on a rainy or a warm Fall day we've got you covered with this shortlist of enjoyable things to do in the hometown of the Goddess Athena. Let us introduce you to some of the favored pastimes and the diverse characteristics of the wonderful Greek Autumn. 

The month of September heralds the beginning of the versatile theater scene of Athens. Over 150 large and small official venues strewn throughout the city center proudly present countless performances of all styles to satisfy fans of this genre. The beloved Athens Book Fair takes place during the first half of September and annually features a special theme (i.e. Poetry). Supporting independent cinematic productions, the Athens International Film Festival "Nyxtes Premieres" runs over the second half of the month screening movies from around the world with no genre limitations - selected by individual producers, filmmakers, and directors. The European Day of Languages Multilingual Festival sets in late September each year - presenting songs, dances, stories, and games. The Athens Bike Festival is usually held in late September with an average duration of 3 days. 

Major Holiday for October 28th, 1940: Observed this day is one of the holidays which best illustrates the historic pride of Greek citizens. "Ochi" (def. "No") Day is celebrated throughout Greece and people commemorate the fact that Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas rejected the ultimatum made by Italy's Mussolini to the Hellenic people to stand down and allow the Italian army to invade Greece during World War II. Military Parades take place across the country and are well worth the time to watch. 

Oddly enough, Halloween has become popular in Athens. Trick-or-treating mainly takes place among Expats who frequently organize special events. There is usually a Halloween Carnival held on the Athens campus of American Community Schools where all can play games and win prizes. Bars & nightclubs around Athens use Halloween as a fabulous excuse for throwing costume parties and providing special themed menus. Grown-ups can look forward to all kinds of fun events with live music, ghoulish cocktails, and dress-up contests!

October is also highlighted by a number of very popular festivals. The Break the Chain Festival is usually held in late October at the Gazi Technopolis covering serious issues related to exploitation, human trafficking, and modern-day slavery for 2 days. The Catamarans Cup is regularly held in late October with its starting point & terminal at Marina Alimou. Take a day-trip to experience the annual Tweed Run (mid-to late-October) when bicyclists clothed in their finest vintage threads traverse the island on 2 wheels.

Major Holiday for November 17th, 1973: On this day, the country honors the historic student uprising of the Athens Polytechnic that directly led to the collapse of the 7-year Junta in Greece. After this, true democracy was introduced in the country. This fact and the respect paid to the slaughtered students are shown with annual wreath-laying at the campus and marches in Athens. 

November also proudly hosts the most popular international sports event of the year in Greece, the authentic classical Marathon. It takes place early in the month at the Panathenaic Stadium (Kallimarmaro). For anyone interested in the Olympics or the history of Greece, it is always a great activity to go and enjoy the race. 

Other alternative suggestions are to visit the GeMin "International mineral, gemstone, jewelry, and fossil exhibition" held for 3 days in late November at the Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens. Thanksgiving can also be appreciated either at the Hard Rock Cafe or any given T.G.I. Friday's.

Last but not least, Autumn is a phenomenal season for lovely walks in the city or in the Greek countryside. For those of you that cherish the outdoors while picking seasonal olives or grapes, this is a perfect time of the year for you. September and October mark the harvest season. Visiting an Attican winery at this time of the year is a well worth experience. Wander around the vineyard, lose track of time, and discover something new about wine composition. After that, indulge in a wine-tasting!



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