Athens in Spring

Athens in Spring

Acclaimed National Geographic Traveler Magazine, cited that Spring is one of the most pleasantest seasons to visit beautiful Greece. It's the time of year when you will encounter enchanting blossoming wildflowers, light warmth, great choices for hotel bookings, and not too many crowds.

Athens is an especially great idea during these months. With the average optimal temperature of 15-20°C, you can enjoy exploring this vibrant city by foot or by bike very comfortably.

Although Athens is a year-round destination, it may prove less favorable to explore fully during the sweltering Summer, and when the islands are a much more alluring alternative. With the days getting longer and temps unwaveringly on the rise, the Greek seas are sluggish to catch up, as they still carry the embrace of winter in their swells. For most people, it's not heated enough yet for swimming, so taking advantage of the wonderful climate that Greece enjoys in other ways sounds like a great idea. For instance, you'll have the beautiful, blue-sky beaches of the Athens Riviera mostly to yourself to enjoy a coffee or a meal.

Encounter the best of Athens during one of the most pleasant seasons of the year. The warm, sunny weather is perfect for sightseeing. There are less bodies of people to deal with when trying to appreciate world-famous attractions. Therefore, Spring is the ideal time to go admire the ancient monuments of Athens Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Kerameikos, and Pnyx and still at reduced prices.

The following are some other wonderful reasons to visit Athens during Spring. In March and April, you can experience the spiritual celebrations of Lent (marking the beginning of Spring with Clean Monday with the flying of kites), and Orthodox Easter that is considered even more important than Christmas to Greeks! On March 25th, Hellenic Independence from the Ottoman Turks is observed with a massive military parade and marching band in front of Parliament along with a wreath-laying ceremony at Syntagma Square. Beloved Comicdom Con is held for 3 days in mid-April, promoting emerging local illustrators as well as international comic artists. The Athens International Film Festival also takes place over a week in mid-April. It showcases some 250 films and videos, including feature-length films, narrative, short-form, and documentaries from around the world. The last weekend of April, we are all invited to the Poseidon Athens Half Marathon located in Faliro Bay to run and raise awareness about diabetes and obesity, while trying to help people adopt a healthier form of living.

May 1st is the bank holiday of Labor Day but also known locally as May Day - the Hellenic summer solstice jubilee. Furthermore, during this month, the city's festival period kicks off with a blast. Nature-lovers should note that over 5,000 flower species, of which about 750 can only be found in Greece. From early Spring, poppies and daisies bloom all around Athenian neighborhoods and ancient monuments - a signal that the jasmine and bougainvillea buds won't be far behind. That is why the Annual Kifissia Flower Show is an excellent suggestion for the first 2 weeks of May. At the Kifissia ISAP train station, get the feel and smell of Spring at the most fragrant and colorful flower show in Attica that features thousands of species of plants and herbs, outdoor cooking, workshops, theatrical performances, and concerts. Get excited for the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival the last week of May! This is the longest-running musical foundation of Athens with free entry will host, as every year, a variety of jazz, bands, and shapes with an international career and recognition from every corner of the globe. Spring also introduces the première of the world-renowned Athens Epidaurus Festival. This annual arts gala is hosted in both the areas of Athens and Epidaurus commences in late May and runs throughout the summertime. It's one of Greece's most famous festivals that includes theatrical, musical, and a variety of other cultural events at numerous venues around the city.

Moreover, those of you who have yet to experience a bicycle tour around Athens should delay no longer. Now that the days are warmer, the morning tour from the city center to Faliro organized by Athens By Bike is ideal for a comprehensive appreciation of the city. From discovering historic neighborhoods to exploring the wonderful Athenian Riviera, the 4.5-hour tour involves many rest breaks and photo opportunities. Combining exercise with sightseeing, the tour begins on Dionysiou Aeropagitou street in the morning and heads towards the start of the bicycle route in Kerameikos. This is the official starting point, with the Acropolis Museum and the Asteroskopeio area being the most important landmarks nearby. Cross into Thissios, traverse Ermou and Thessalonikis street in the direction of the SNFCC in Faliro, the Faliro Sports Pavilion Arena Tae Kwon Do, the Park of Maritime Tradition, and Flisvos Marina. Here you can cycle along the coastline for a further 8km until you reach the Edem beach and Alimos Marina. On the cycle back to Athens, the tour passes by Petralona and Thissio to culminate in the picturesque setting of Adrianou Street and Kydathinain Square in Plaka.