Athens Olympic Museum

Athens Olympic Museum

The vision for the creation of an Olympic Museum in Athens had begun following the conclusion of the ATHENS 2004 28th Olympic Games. Founded on 2021 - marking the 125th anniversary of the 1st modern Olympics in Athens in 1896 and the revival of the Games.

The Olympic Museum is located on the first floor of the Golden Hall shopping center in the northern suburb of Marousi. Overlooking the Athens Olympic Center "Spiros Louis" (O.A.K.A.), it now houses, for the first time in Athens, the Hellenic Olympic heritage in a museum - and also emphasizes Athens as the Olympic capital of the world.

Come and share an experiential journey into the history of the Olympic idea, from the myths that gave birth to it in antiquity until its revival in 1896, and from there to its transition to the modern era - through objects, original audiovisual material, interactive exhibits, personal items, and stories by the athletes.


Most importantly, the museum aims to pay tribute to Greek champions and highlights proud Hellenic Olympic and Paralympic medalists. Funded by Lamda Development, the Athens Olympic Museum is under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (H.O.C.) and the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) and is a member of the Olympic Museums Network.

The exhibitions will inspire new generations of athletes by keeping alive the very special spirit of the Olympic Games. The Athens Olympic Museum's Permanent Exhibition is an integrated compilation but still built upon "thematic modules", all with a corresponding character, "passing the baton all around".

The 1st of 3 sections are the halls dedicated to 'The Olympic Games in Antiquity' - where visitors can view a recreation of the "Kotinos" olive wreath that was given as the prize to the winners in ancient times.

The 2nd section division highlights 'The Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia' - where on display is a bronze disk from the sanctuary of Olympia at the 255th Olympiad (241 A.D.).

Lastly, the 3rd permanent exhibition sector relates to 'The Revival of the Olympic Games' through modern-day with a plethora of objects to observe like the Silver medal of Leonidas Kokas in Olympic weightlifting (Atlanta 1996).

Complement your excursion at the Athens Olympic Museum with a visit to the Café - Restaurant «1896». This is a premium aesthetics venue that offers leisure, a magnificent view of the Olympic Stadium facilities, and delicious tastes by Chef Yannis Markoulis, daily between 10:00 and 22:00 - that can also host business or social events.

Note that in the official Gift Shop of the Athens Olympic Museum, visitors will find objects inspired by the exhibitions, the history of Athletics, and the Olympic Games. These include mascots, posters, memorabilia, collective and authentic products with I.O.C. approval.