Athens Photo Festival

Athens Photo Festival

The Athens Photo Festival began in 1987, and following a glorious 30-year journey, has become a great institution as it is the top one in Greece and one the 5 oldest festivals in the world.

Organized by the Hellenic Photography Center, with the support of Technopolis Athens in Gazi, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and the General Secretariat of New Generation, the festival has been housed in the Benaki Museum on Pireos Street for the last 3 years. In past year, the event has taken place in various other venues such as the "Technopolis" or the Faliro Olympic Indoor Hall.

The festival hosts selected artists from around the world, who, with their work, try to show life through the "eyes" of a photographic lens. Thousands of pictures with various subjects taken from nature, cities, homes, people, war, and peace are enchanting, but also stir the interest in the problems of our time, criticizing these issues. Many times, the works appear initially as individual photos, but then they become parts of a whole composition with presentations on video projects or shots taken by drones.

The festival has as its main body every year a special theme, in which it focuses and mainly deals with a specific problem of the modern world. In the framework of the actions of the various events taking place under this great celebration of photography, there are outdoor projections, educational programs, speeches, as well as exhibitions dedicated to the album (photographers' books, self-publishing books, DIY prints, all in a limited number of copies), with the participation of artists and publishers from all over the world. At this point, it should be noted that the festival annually invites young photographers up to 35 years of age from Greece and Cyprus to participate in a free photo shoot to promote new talent.

It is worth visiting the photo fest, whether you are a fan of the art or not, because you have the opportunity to see another world through the eyes of a person, who, with a camera in hand, pulls and keeps moments of life frozen in time. Let's never forget that an image - and so a photo - equals a thousand words.

The Athens Photo Festival the past 3 years is usually held in early June to late July with an average duration of 2 months.

Ticket pricing usually starts from €4 (reduced) and up to €6.

Benaki Museum