Athens Science Festival

Athens Science Festival

The Athens Science Festival was launched in 2014 at the "Technopolis" of the Municipality of Athens. It is organized by the educational organization "Science Communication - SciCo", the British Council, "Technopolis" of the Municipality of Athens, the Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association, and the General Secretariat for Research and Technology.

Aligning itself with various research groups, the Athens Science Festival has succeeded in establishing itself as a great celebration of science and technology in Greece.

At this innovative event, visitors ranging from adults to children to high school students (usually over 30,000 people) can come closer to science and high tech issues, as well as developments in the fields of medicine, robotics, genetics, informatics, and generally in new areas under investigation. Questions that are on the minds of all of us - such as who we are, where we come from, what life is, how we were created, how much we will live in the future, will make travel time possible - are some of the thousands waiting for answers via this festival.

Various events are organized at the venue, including educational programs, projections, interactive events, children's workshops, art exhibitions, scientific lectures by renowned Greek and foreign scientists. To name a few are Svante Paabo, director of the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at the Max Planck Institute of Germany, and neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert, a professor of engineering at the University of Cambridge. In this way, the Athens Science Festival shows everyone how it manages to combine science with everyday life and highlights the role that Greece plays in the research field, giving encouragement and impetus to young people to engage in this genre.

We live at a time where science and technology are now integral parts of everyday life. This state-of-the-art event, with a clear vision of the future, is attempting to spread knowledge and promote innovative ideas for the benefit of all people on the planet during its annual presence. Let's not forget that science is the mirror of our culture, through which we see moments and pieces from the past as well as what is to come down the road.

The Athens Science Fest is held in Spring, usually between March and April, with an average duration of 10 days.

Entrance to the festival is free. To watch some special activities and speeches are required to buy tickets at a cost of about €3.

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