Athens Town Hall

Athens Town Hall

The Town Hall of Athens is located at Kotzia Square. A three-story building with simple exterior elements whose main characteristic is the marble propylon. The ground floor is coated with marble plaques and the openings have decorated iron bars.

The main entrance of the Town Hall has a marble crown that leads to a marble frame. The levels are divided by pulled eaves. Characteristic of the front is the balcony that is supported by marble decorative stands.

With a loan of 130.000 drachmas from the National Bank, the decision was taken to build the Town Hall on the Public Garden, in the west side of Athens. The architectural study was assigned to the architect, P. Kalkos, (under Mayor P. Kyriakou) and on October 1872 the construction of the building started and was completed on May 1874.

In the beginning it was a two-story building, in an austere neoclassical design. In 1901, under Mayor S. Mercouris, works of restoration and decoration were made. In 1937 the third level was added.


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