Attiki Odos

Attiki Odos

The first impressions of someone visiting Athens are usually positive. Access to the city from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport is via the highway Attiki Odos (Attica Highway).

Attiki Odos is made with international specifications and consists of two main freeways. The first one, 52,4 km long, the Elefsina – Spata Freeway that connects these two ends of the Attica Basin and offers access to and from the International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos.

The second freeway, the western Beltway of Ymittos Road 12,9 km long, was ready and first used in September 2003. Both of them have three driving lines and one emergency line in each direction. This major project of connecting the capitalʼs main arteries with speedway roads aimed to better serve the participants and the visitors of the 2004 Olympic Games.

Hence, the junctions of Kifisias Avenue, Metamorfosis and Elefsina sought to offer a fast trip to downtown Athens and direct connection with the National Highways of Athens – Thessaloniki and Athens – Corinth. Furthermore, the Ymittos Avenue Ring road is considered to be the fastest and safest road from downtown Athens to El. Venizelos Airport, through Katehaki Avenue.

Attiki Odos is the only traffic artery in Athens with tolls. The flat fee system is applied, which helps the long distance travelers and eases jams at the exits and entrances.

The toll rates of Attiki Odos
Last update: September 2023

Motorbikes: 1.40 €
And two wheel motorcycles, one wheel per axle

Private Passenger Cars: 2.80 €
And passengers cars with a small trailer and rack. Their height should not exceed 1.30m high over the first axle of two axles, or over 1.30m high over the third axle.

Light commercial vehicles: 2.80 €
with more than 1.30m high over the first axle and total height 2.70m

Cars with trailers: 2.80 €
up to 1.30m high over the first axle and over 1.30m high over 3 axles, as well as vans (under 15 seats)

Small & medium trucks: 7.10 €
with a total height over 2.70m, with 2 or 3 axles, and large buses (over 15 seats)

Big Trucks: 11.30 €
Total height over 2.70m, with 4 axles or more

There are cards useful for frequent users (ePass) and the Smart Card that offers a discount to the drivers that use the automatic pay system.