Authentic Marathon of Athens

Authentic Marathon of Athens

The Classic Authentic Marathon of Athens takes place every year, usually during the month of November, in honor of the anonymous Athenian messenger, who in 490 B.C., ran the distance between Marathon to Athens to announce to his compatriots their victory against the Persians in the battle of Marathon.

As soon as he arrived at the city, he said the word "Nenikikamen" (def. "we won") and then promptly fell dead from exhaustion. The Marathon of Athens follows the classical "harsh" route of 42.195 meters, starting from Marathona (Attica), passing through Nea Makri and ending in Athens at Kallimarmaro Stadium.

The history of the race begins at the Olympic Games of 1896 and in 1938 begins its establishment as an International Marathon of a Classic Route - via the decision of the Association of Hellenic Gymnastic Athletic Societies - that is to be held every second year starting on October 8th, 1939, the day of the 10th Balkan Games. Participation outside of the Balkan states hailed from England, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, India, and Peru. However, the start of the Second World War forced the countries not to participate, so the Marathon took the form of Balkan and Panhellenic sports, with 10 runners: 5 Greeks, 2 Yugoslavs, 1 Romanian and 2 Turks, with the Greek winner, Stelios Kyriakidis.

Since then, the case had been forgotten until 1955, when it began to be repeated every 2 years until 1967. In 1967, it became an annual event, and in 1972, it was moved to take place in October and became open to non-professional athletes. As of 1983, the race has been organized in memory of the Balkan winner Grigoriou Lambraki, and since 1990 is the official competitive sport for the Panhellenic title.

The Athens Marathon is not only a major international event but also a historical retrospection that unites antiquity with today and annually reminds us of the grandeur of the Greeks who always in the difficult time put the task over their own life for the ideals they profess conviction.

The Athens Authentic Marathon is usually held on the second Sunday of every November.

Free access to the race.

Starting Point is in Marathona – Terminal is in Athens (Kallimarmaro Stadium).

Official Website: Athens Authentic Marathon