Bicycling in Athens

Bicycling in Athens

Bicycling in Athens is a quick, easy and eco-friendly way to appreciate the beauty of stunning seaside locations and wonderful pine-clad landscapes as the city provides both the serene atmosphere of the mountains and the pleasures of the sea.

Bike riders can combine a great form of sport and exercise with touring and exploring the city by pedaling their way to the archaeological sites or head off to the nearby mountains that provide areas of hilly terrain, ideal for mountain biking. It has to be noted that there are no designated bicycle lanes on the Athenian streets, which are usually burdened by heavy traffic. So it is best to avoid busy streets and avenues. Bicycle riders who wish to use public transportation are allowed to carry their bike on the Athens Metro and Athens Tram system, using the last compartment.

Private companies in Athens organize a wide range of cycling tours in and around the historical monuments of the city and the coastal area, provide bike rental services and maps with outlined routes. So no matter the riding style or destination, Athens offers a full cycling experience!


This form of transportation has become the norm for many cities and a way to conserve energy and to reduce traffic congestion. Athens is beginning to see this as of late, but is far from being a city where routes have been created for this way of travel. In any case, those visiting the city who enjoy getting out on two wheels can get out toward the beach and its marinas in order to safely recreate.


Bicycling in Athens
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