Bike Tours in and around Athens

Bike Tours in and around Athens

Bike tours in Athens provide the opportunity to visit all historical monuments in less time and with less effort, travel through back streets and local markets, and explore the architecture and street art of the inner city.

Especially for those with limited time in Athens, bike tours are the best way to get to see more of this amazing city and at the same time exercise through this the delightful and exhilarating sport. It has to be again noted that there are no designated bicycle lanes on the Athenian streets which are usually burdened by heavy traffic, so is best to avoid busy streets and avenues. Bicycle tours follow the least frequently utilized routes via parks and pedestrian walkways and lanes.

In Athens, there are active local cycling associations, organizing outings in the city with the intention to promote and encourage bicycle transportation and its culture. Such an event is "Free Friday", wherein bicycle enthusiasts gather at Agion Asomaton Square in the Thissio area every Friday at 21:30 (apart from national holidays) and storm out over the city covering 30 to 60 km in 4 to 6 hours. The destination is different every time but the passion is the same, as is the cheerful crowd cycling through the streets, inviting people to ride along.


Bicycling in Athens
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Bike Tours in Athens

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