Break The Chain Festival

Break The Chain Festival

The Break the Chain Festival started its activity in 2015 and for consecutive years offers the world information on serious issues related to exploitation, human trafficking, and modern-day slavery.

The festival is based on the initiative taken by Hercules Moscov - National Rapporteur for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings at the Foreign Ministry - and is being carried out in cooperation with the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, the cultural platform "elculture", and the NGO PRAKSIS. Solidarity - Now and the Bodosakis Foundation are also participating in this initiative.

Trafficking is a scourge that, especially nowadays, has been terribly enhanced due to the great migratory crisis, refugees, weak people - especially children - who are looking for a better life and fatally fall victim to either work or sexual abuse without being able to they find their rights anywhere. Although all of this seems to us distant and theoretical, the figures never lie: 27,000,000 slaves, 4,500,000 victims of sexual harassment, 5,500,000 children victims of all kinds of exploitation. The Break the Chain Festival aims precisely to awaken and sensitize not only the general world but also major State Agencies for active participation and action.

With free entrance to the festival, guests enjoy various events such as theater, music, photo, visual exhibitions and, movie screenings - all with issues surrounding trafficking. Other activities concern workshops, which are for the elderly and young, and aim to make visitors experience the effects of the above plague on humanity. Of course, there are also speeches from distinguished guests who shed light on the subject from their own point of view. Finally, all those involved in the issue such as NGOs, Foundations, Public Authorities are present at the event and, in their own way, are trying to help inform the world by talking to and presenting proposals for action and active participation.

Break the Chain Festival is a remarkable organization that deserves to become an institution. It is important that society is informed about such exploitation by their fellow human beings, a phenomenon that we all have to try to eliminate from the planet Earth. Let us not forget that what is happening today away from us, may suddenly become our own nightmare, or worse, that of our children.

The Break the Chain Festival is usually held in late October or early December with an average duration of 2 days.

Entrance to the festival is free.

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