Bronze Age (3000-1100 B.C.)

Bronze Age (3000-1100 B.C.)

During the Bronze Age, the first great Hellenic civilization emerged in mainland Greece. An important center within the Mycenaean Civilization was Athens.

3000-2000 B.C.
Spreading of housing areas towards the Hill of the Muses and Ilisos. Trade with the Cycladic Islands is growing and coastal housing areas are created at Marathona, Agios Kosmas, Rafina, etc.

2000-1580 B.C.
Arrival of the Ionians in Attica, where twelve small states are created. At the center of Athens, the population gathers in a small area of less than 90,000 m², with the Acropolis at its center. Notable is the spread of trading to central Greece, the Peloponnese and the Cycladic Islands.


1580-1100 B.C.
Various independent kingdoms are created in Attica such as: Elefsina, Kifissia (Cephissia), Kekropia (Cecropia), Epakria, Tetrapolis, Kytheros (Cytheros), Decelea, Afidna, Thorikos and Vravrona. Greatest of all is the so-called "Kingdom of Acropolis" - the settlement located near and outside the Acropolis - called, Kydathinaio. The most important event of the period is the "Synoecism "(Synoikismos, means dwelling together) of Theseus - which was the union of the small kingdoms of Attica under the rule of the kingdom of Acropolis - named in honor of the mythical hero of Athens, Theseus. Of course, the achievement of this union was preceded by long, drawn out battles.

1100-800 B.C.
There are not many facts for this historical period. Nevertheless, Athens presumably becomes the governmental and religious center of Attica.

▶︎ Neolithic Era (4000-3000 B.C.)
▶︎ Bronze Age (3000-1100 B.C.)
▶︎ Archaic Period (8th-6th Centuries B.C.)
▶︎ Classical Era / Classical Greece (5th-4th Centuries B.C.)
▶︎ The Peloponnesian War (431-335 B.C.)
▶︎ Hellenistic Era (323-30 B.C.)
▶︎ Roman Era (29 B.C.-324 A.D.)


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