Cafe & Restaurant of the Benaki Museum

Cafe & Restaurant of the Benaki Museum

There are several Benaki Museum venues in different buildings in Athens, where events of all kinds are hosted. The central building, on Vasilis Sofias Avenue & Koumbari Street 1, provides an excellent spot for a healthy meal or coffee, on the second floor - extending onto a lovely marble veranda, with hanging vines, overlooking the avenue and the Hellenic Parliament.

The eatery was created in 2000 and boasts being the first of its kind in Greek museums. Persons of discerning taste will relish the quiet elegance of the location, polite staff and weekly chef specials (by Jean Louis Capsalas) that average about € 15,00 a plate. Our suggestion is their specialty dessert, the amazing Almond cake with pomegranate syrup!

The Benaki Museum’s bar restaurant is also an excellent choice for special event booking such as birthdays, celebrations, evenings dedicated to specific exhibitions, business luncheons, samplings, and more. The venue is available even on days that the museum is closed and can stay open as late as midnight.

Note that during the warmer months of April through October, the entire site reverts to an open-air facility. Here you can enjoy a especially beautiful view of the National Garden.

The Cafe / Restaurant of the museum is open to the public, without the need to pay for general admission to the exhibits.


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Cafe & Restaurant of the Benaki Museum


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