Casinos nearby Athens

Casinos nearby Athens

The meaning of the word casino has an Italian origin. The root "casa' (def. "house") originally meant "summerhouse" or "social club". During the 19th Century, the term casino came to include other public buildings - where pleasurable activities took place. The first well-known casino in the world was the Casino di Venezia, which was founded in Italy in 1638.

Gambling has been a point of interest to the Greeks since ancient times, and it seems that we haven't forgotten the habits of the past. Who would think that the origin of poker goes back to the Minoan civilization, more than 3,500 years ago?

In our days, we consider that throwing a double-six in a dice game is lucky and this too has its ancient origins. Thousands of years ago, rolling 2 sixes was called the "throw of Aphrodite" and would indicate victory in a game…

The two famous Casinos nearby Athens are Regency Casino Mont Parnes on Mount Parnitha and Club Hotel Casino in Loutraki. There are also plans to build another casino on the site of the abandoned airport in Elliniko as part of the "Ellinikon Project".


Casinos nearby Athens
Regency Casino Mont Parnes
Club Hotel Casino Loutraki

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