Catamarans Cup Greece

Catamarans Cup Greece

The Catamarans Cup opened its gates in Greece in 2010 under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Organization (EOT) and Istion Yachting with the goal to combine sport and fun. It is an international boating event that has been taking place at the end of every October.

The Catamarans Cup has become a pole of attraction for those athletes who want to enjoy the joys and the thrill of sail racing combined with the holidays offered by the Greek islands and beyond.

During the Cup, the hundreds of athletes from more than 18 countries live through a unique experience. When they return back to their own homelands the reputation of the event steadily increases in popularity and the interest in participation is seen as constantly rising.


The start and end of the race take place at Alimos Marina, where from boats travel to traditional destinations such as Poros Island, in Porto Heli, Paralio Astros Kynourias, and Nafplio. More to mention is that outside the racing program are included other events on the islands, such as competitions with prizes in each port, surprise parties, and various other happenings.

The Catamarans Cup is an institution representative of Greece, combining splendidly magical seaside destinations for the utilization of both sports and fun. Through the participation of those involved in this marine sport, the country has not only gained prestige but most importantly become an even bigger global attraction.

The Catamarans Cup is usually held in late October.

The access is free to watch the Catamarans leaving or arriving at the port. If you want to take part in the Catamarans Cup, the cost depends on whether you will take part with your vessel or rent one, and also whether you will be in a group or as an individual.

Starting Point and Terminal is at Marina Alimos


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