Caves of Attica

Caves of Attica

The limestone landscape of Attica hosts more than 300 caves and caverns usually situated at high elevations and seaside locations. They served a number of functions in the past, such as shelters, burial chambers, access points to fresh water and shrines dedicated to ancient deities.

There are 28 known cave sanctuaries that were in use at various times between the Archaic Period and the end of the Roman Era with their popularity reaching their peak during the Classical Era. Those dedicated to the Nymphs and later to god Pan were the most numerous and the earliest of the altars to be found in Attica.

The geological processes like tectonic movement and water erosion are accountable for the interior enhancement of these underground landscapes, which are filled with intriguing rock formations and stone-rim pools. These monuments of nature impress visitors with their inner beauty and history, they are filled with mystery and charm and promise a memorable and enchanting experience.


Caves of Attica
Koutouki Cave
Cave of Davelis
Cave of Pan
Cave of Lion
Caves of Acropolis


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