City Link Athens

City Link Athens

The City Link is a reference point for downtown Athens. It is a stately, preserved art deco building with arcades, large windows, theaters, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. It has plenty of shops hailing a plethora of big brands.

The Attica department store, the high-quality boutiques, the unique atmosphere of the City Link Arcade (Spyromiliou Arcade). These all came together to create a special location that hosts many events - around the cafés and restaurants - similar to those encountered in the major capitals of Europe.

There are internationally renowned shopping stores like Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana, Brooks Brothers, Cartier, Links of London, Liana Vourakis, Nak, and Replay. Especially during the evening as the area is illuminated an extremely impressive spectacle is created.

Meanwhile, the Cultural Foundation of the Piraeus Group created a cozy corner to allow residents of Athens to buy small gifts and souvenirs available for sale in the stands of the Network of its Museums. The objects have been exclusively created for each museum and prices start at € 1.

City Link is located in the heart of Athens at  just "breathing" distance from the main attractions of the city. Stroll through the luxury stores and then you can easily visit the historical sites of the center, completing your walk. If the weather is nice, you can walk to Kolonaki or descend to the Syntagma Square and end up in Plaka.

Just make sure not to be overloaded with bags and packages and do not drive your car. Parking tickets are issued everywhere. If you do drive, make sure to park your vehicle on Omirou Street in the underground garage or in one of the controlled parking spaces in Kolonaki. If you go to the Aliki or Pallas theater, we suggest you make a stop in cosmopolitan Athénée cafe & restaurant. It's the place to "end" the evening and feel the luxury of a bygone era overwhelm you.

The City Link is a unique all-day experience for those who want to experience the beautiful side of the city and have a real quality time.