Clubs & Club Restaurants in Athens

Clubs & Club Restaurants in Athens

Clubs and Club Restaurants have shaped the culture of night entertainment in Athens and developed the electronic dance music genre into nearly an art form!

Many of the mega-clubs referred to earlier can hold a capacity up to even 2,000 persons. These are mainly found either on the Coast of Athens during the summer months or in closed-in spots downtown for the winter. Major international DJs, as well as popular Greek names, line up on a weekly basis to pack these spots in with lovers of dance. Together, they elevate the music and energy, traveling through the electronic sounds of tomorrow and yesterday.

With regards to club restaurants, the latest trend is to visit roof-top venues. Mainly open-air, they offer amazing views of the city skyline and eclectic bar & finger food. Add that along with delicious, artisan cocktails and music that will cover any mood after a bit of research. All in all, Athens provide clubs of all sizes and shapes with music ranging from electronica to Modern Greek pop/hip-hop. Choose your spot and dance!



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