Collections of the Railway Museum

Collections of the Railway Museum

The museum has a collection of items related to the history of rail transport in Greece. The Athens Railway Museum takes you back to the early days to the mode of this transportation, via 6 halls.

Hall 1 (Ground level)
On display here are of objects made to be moved by hands or feet. Also peruse topographic tools, designs and photographs here.

Hall 2 (Ground level)
Wagons of old trains, royal carriages, fire hoses and distinguishers are on display.

Halls 3 (Ground level & 1st floor)
Here stand instruments, printing implements, tickets, uniforms and mechanics' tools of the 19th Century.

Hall 4 (Ground level)
Displays a representation of the steam engine, locomotives circa late 1800s, old-world trams, royal coaches of the Sultan, smoking cars. Books or train driving regulations are on view as well.

Hall 5 (1st floor)
Here lies an exhibition of a variety of furniture, designs, serving instruments and more retrieved from the Royal carriages.

Halls 6 (1st floor)
Shown are a number of diagrams of the machinery and maps. Models of numerous elements of building all of the above.

Exhibit Features:
- Simulations of the various aspects of the full-scale railway, such as the function of signals and Points.
- A steam locomotive and passenger car (rack railway of Diakofto-Kalavryta) built in France in 1899.
- Steam locomotives dating from 1884
- Steam locomotives of mine-trains
- The smoking car of the train of the Sultan Abdul Aziz
- Athenian tramways of the past decades
- Models and photographic material.