Collections of the Greek Telecommunications Museum

Collections of the Greek Telecommunications Museum

There over 4,500 objects and archival material displayed on the premises of the Greek Telecommunications Museum. Objects are classified based on their originality and construction.

They include:
- Copies of important, ancient and Byzantine media
- Original hand phones (late 19th Century)
- Morse telegraphs
- Fiber optics
- Wireless communication Systems
- Telephoto devices (1949)
- Telex
- One of the first Hellenic television studios (1965)


From the time of fryktories to present day satellite communication. The exhibition is presented to in a historical manner to visitors – split into two major periods:

- the "pre-electric" period that includes telecommunications inventions from the Greek antiquity and Byzantium
- the "after-electric" period relating to telecommunications inventions since the discovery of electricity, the satellite communications to the present-day telecommunications services.

The museum houses a fascinating collection of black and white telephotographs dating as far back as to the establishment of the public phone company (OTE) in 1949 through 1986. For example, portrayed are scenes from the public life, everyday life, parades, military exercises, sports and cultural events.

Found here are assortments of telegrams from the beginning of telegraphy in 1859 through the mid-70s, with a variety of thematic content, such as political, administrative, military, advertising and private content.


Greek Telecommunications Museum
Collections of the Greek Telecommunications Museum


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