Collections of the Greek Folk Art Museum

Collections of the Greek Folk Art Museum

The Central Building consists of three floors. Thesuggested visiting route is to begin from the top floor and make your way down to the ground floor. Since there is no specific and strict chronological order guests can move in whichever way they wish.

The permanent exhibition gives importance to the features that shaped the cultural identity of modern Greeks from the 17th Century through the 20th Century:

Ground floor
- The ground floor of the museum contains embroidery items, such as textiles used in different Greek areas to decorate the matrimonial bed. The mezzanine has a pottery collection as well as metal and wooden utensils from all over Greece.

First floor
- The first floor hosts temporary exhibitions and the works of Theofilos Hatzimihail (1868-1934), a famous Greek painter.

Second floor
- The second floor displays ecclesiastical items (crosses, gospels, chalices, etc), folk objects (pieces of weapon, trays, belts, etc) and pieces of women jewelry. The upper floor contains traditional male and female customs from all Greek areas. There are wedding and daily clothing, some plain and others nicely decorated with colorful small stones.