Courier Services in Athens

Courier Services in Athens

The courier service market is a highly competitive field and many such companies have now also established themselves in Greece.

Besides the international prominent players such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx, many smaller companies have also joined the Greek market to capture at least a small share. Many of them, however, only operate nationally.

ACS Courier
ACS Courier was founded in 1981 and is a leading company in the courier services sector in Greece. It offers competitive prices and has a network of over 350 branches in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, and Bulgaria. The service is not limited to these countries. ACS Courier delivers with speed, security, and reliability through cooperation in more than 200 countries worldwide.

ACS Courier (Athens Center)
Address: Mitropoleos Street 64, 10563 Athens
Phone: +302103310063

ACS Courier (Athens Center)
Address: Kallirrois Avenue 18, 11743 Athens
Phone: +302109217800

ACS Courier (Athens Center)
Address: Kaniggos Street 10, 10677 Athens
Phone: +302103829023

ACS Courier (Athens Center)
Address: Spirou Merkouri Avenue 62, 11634 Athens
Phone: +302107295600

ACS Courier (Glyfada)
Address: Dim. Gounari Street 229, 16674 Glyfada
Phone: +302109609600

ACS Courier (Piraeus)
Address: Praxitelous Street 192, 18535 Piraeus
Phone: +302104297555

ELTA Courier
ELTA Courier is a member of the ELTA Group (which also includes the Hellenic Post) and was newly founded in 2000. Before that, the courier service was known as "PORTA-PORTA" - which means "door to door". ELTA offers more than 30 years of experience in the now highly competitive courier market in Greece and maintains 800 locations in Greece where letters and parcels can be posted and collected.

ELTA Courier (Athens Center)
Address: Eleftherios Venizelos Street 45, 17671 Athens
Phone: +302109533361

ELTA Courier (Athens Center)
Konstantinoupoleos Avenue 177, 10447 Athens
Phone: +302105224452

ELTA Courier (Athens Center)
Prigkiponnison Street 11, 11363 Athens
Phone: +302111824603

ELTA Courier (Moschato)
Address: Karaoli and Dimitriou Street 105, 18345 Moschato
Phone: +302104814450

ELTA Courier (Marousi)
Address: Kifisias Avenue 141, 15124 Marousi
Phone: +302106126096

Speedex Couriers
Speedex Couriers is part of the Sfakianaki group of companies and is one of the largest dispatcher services in Greece. The company was founded in 1986 and has a network of 200 branches and 130 receiving offices, its fleet of vehicles, and exclusive transport flights.

Speedex Couriers (Athens Center)
Address: Soultani Street 7, 10682 Athens
Phone: +302103846192

Speedex Couriers (Athens Center)
Michalakopoulou Street 167, 11527 Athens
Phone: +302107248637

Speedex Couriers (Athens Center)
Emmanouil Benaki Street 9, 10678 Athens
Phone: +302109402908

Speedex Couriers (Kifissia)
Address: Acharnon Street 12, 14561 Kifissia
Phone: +302108016225

Speedex Couriers (Nea Ionia)
Address: Irakliou Avenue 187, 14231 Nea Ionia
Phone: +302102754000

Speedex Couriers (Voula)
Address: Geor. Papandreou Street 3, 16673 Voula
Phone: +302108958606


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