Delphi & Arachova

Delphi & Arachova

Delphi is a Site of World Heritage, according to UNESCO, where the visitor may admire many ancient monuments. Best known is the oracle at the sanctuary that was dedicated to Apollo during the classical period.

For sometime now, the Athenians gather a, mass in the winter at Fterolakka, the ski resort of Parnassos. Because of this, Arachova has become popular. Arachova is a mountain village built amphitheatrically at the foot of the mountain, with 950 m altitude, that belongs to the periphery of Central Greece.

To begin this excursion, you take the National Highway Athens-Thessaloniki and after you exit at Thiva, turn toward Livadeia. In less than three hours you will have arrived at Arachova, who is suitable for the exploration of the area.


In Arachova, you may visit the cave with stalactites and stalagmites, known as the Corycian Cave, or just admire the village, tasting a little "formaela" – its specialty cheese. The ski resort of Parnassos is 25 km away and it operates from December to April. Just 10 km from Arachova, in the prefecture of Phocis, we arrive at Delphi. Delphi is located on the southern slopes of Parnassos at an altitude of 550 m.

Delphi is one of the most important archaeological site in Greece. The ancients believed it to be the center ("Omphalos") of the world. If the visit to the site worked on your appetite and the beautiful view of the Bay of Itea or Galaxidi (Crisaean Gulf) awaken your interest, you must go the coastal Itea, just 18 km away from Delphi.

Itea is a relatively young town (established in 1830) that managed to develop to an commercial center in the area and it has the capability to host big events such the Acropolis Rally. There is something you must do, for sure, and that is to visit one of the fish taverns to taste their very fresh fish.