Electric Railways Museum of Piraeus

Electric Railways Museum of Piraeus

The Museum was created on November 2005 by Electric Railway employee Manolis Fotopoulos, and with a collection of 2,000 items (exhibition & warehouse) with over 3,000 books, documents, and photos, it will constitute the foundation for its expansion and the opening of a library.

Artifacts displayed were donated by railway employees that had gathered old uniforms, photographs, books, and newspaper articles about the railway dating from 1869. Afterward, Mr. Fotopoulos added to the collection by donating old train cars, auxiliary carriages, iron rails, and railway traffic control equipment.

Fully supported by the Retired Electric Railways Workers Union, and based in the former post office of the Piraeus Railway Station, it is a concept that keeps the culture and history of the railways alive.

Unique and specific display such as how tickets evolved over the years or the types of buttons for the uniforms have great historical value and interest to the visitor.


Electric Railways Museum of Piraeus
Collections of the Electric Railways Museum


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