Eleonas Festival

Eleonas Festival

The Eleonas Festival opened its gates in 2015 and for consecutive years gives a dynamic presence in the fields of ​​cultural and intellectual development, tending to become an institution of the city of Athens.

The name of the festival came from the area of ​​Eleonas, which in ancient times spanned from Kerameikos to today's suburb of Aigaleo and Plato's Academy. "Eleonas" is known as "the sacred grove of the goddess Athena". It was the place where philosophy, worship, and arts flourished. It was a reference point for the religiousness of the citizens of ancient Athens.

This project aims to reunite the inhabitants of Athens with the history of their city and Attica in general, during a 2-week free entrance "journey". It offers the audience the opportunity to watch theater, dance, music, cinema, educational talks by great scholars & writers, art, photography, book, and video art exhibitions.

Over the past few years, the festival has been hosted in various venues such as the Academy of Plato, the Art Theater of Karolos Koun - Underground Pesmatzoglou and, the Cultural Center of Melina Merkouri. Each year includes 3 basic thematic sections related to the history of the city of Athens. People of the spiritual, artists, directors, musicians contribute to the Jubilee with all of their might to offer the world unique and original themes. It is worth mentioning some of the names that have been honored with their presence at these events include: Roula Pateraki, Mania Papadimitriou, Nikos Psarras, Alexandros Mylonas, the son of Zac-Yves Cousteau, Eleni Arveler, Alekos Vrettos. These are just some of the many have left their mark at this great celebration.

Eleonas is an institution that must be preserved over time because it brings the Athenians closer to the history of their city through different seasons and the evolution of events as we do today. This way, the older generations will remember the historical path of Athens and the younger generations will learn from it.

The Eleonas Festival is usually held in early June with an average duration of 15 days.

The entrance is free to the public.

Academy of Plato


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